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Buhari is an angry man who wants to catch ‘thieves’ – Sheikh Gumi

A fiery Islamic preacher, Ahmed Gumi has noted that President Muhammadu Buhari came into office as an angry man and was trying to catch some thieves.

He said it was better to give power to somebody whose head is calm and can sit down and prioritize development.

Speaking with reporters on the state of the nation, Gumi also gave reasons the Northern region and Northerners were backward.

The preacher said, ”The northern region, even though supplied many leaders, has been backward. One of the reasons is the nature of the northern man.

“He has a psyche that is molded by the emirate system before the coming of the white man which is the absolute control. In some places, you cannot even put on a very clean cloth because they will say you are competing with the king.

“The society has not changed. They feel that they are the new kings. An ordinary northern leader thinks of northerners as subjects.

“He does not want to improve their economic and social well being. For instance, it is high time we stopped this genuflection before the emirs.

“They don’t have any power over us. We are human beings. They maintain the feeling that ‘I am superior, the others are subjects.’

“They do not want to assist the region. This is the Northern psyche. Even though they have been ruling for a long time, the north has been backward. The masses have been looking for a messiah that will free them from this bondage.”

He added, “You don’t give power to an angry man. Give somebody whose head is calm and can sit down and prioritise his development.

“Buhari came in angry and was trying to catch thieves and people were clapping for him. The time is gone. Fighting corruption is good but it should not become your slogan. It should not be your only political selling point.”
Buhari is an angry man who wants to catch ‘thieves’ – Sheikh Gumi Reviewed by Akande Boluwatife on July 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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