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Google might just replace Android with Fuchsia OS within five years

We may never see zucchini trifle Android, probably just as well
We've seen the Fuchsia. It is murder (for Android)

GOOGLE'S MYSTERIOUS Fuchsia OS could replace Android and Chrome OS within five years, according to a new report.

Rumours out of Mountain View suggest there is an internal plan at Google to phase out the current operating systems in favour of a unified one.

A Bloomberg report which brings Fuchsia to a wider audience who may not previously have been aware suggests that the OS is designed to "better accommodate voice interactions and frequent security updates and to look the same across a range of devices".

This ties in with Sundar Pichai's AI-first vision for the company, which wouldn't be possible with the current mishmash that includes Android apps on Chrome OS devices as a sort-of bolt-on, and an unclear policy on which operating system will be primary for tablets going forwards.

Fuchsia, which is already available is development builds for the Google Pixelbook amongst others but is nowhere near ready for prime time, will be 'one to rule them all', even powering wearables and smart home tech such as the Google Home.

Perhaps most importantly Fuchsia will let Google push security updates to devices directly, without waiting for OEMs who take ages, if indeed they ever do push them out.

But then there's the elephant in the room. Google is still in a huge legal spat with Oracle about its use of Java APIs. At present, it is Oracle that is "winning" after a judge insisted that Oracle was entitled to shares in the Android OS's runaway success.

By building a new operating system from scratch, using a kernel called Zircon, Oracle would no longer have any stake over future devices that run Google software.

Google has not denied the plan exists but has dismissed the five-year timeline in the report. But then they would - anything can go wrong between now and then.

We still suspect it's all an excuse because Google can't think of any desserts beginning with "X". μ

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