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Marvel's 'Iron Fist' season 2 has set a release date on Netflix

  • Alice Eve will play the villain Typhoid Mary in the second season.
  • The show has also teased another villain on its Twitter.

Netflix and Marvel's "Iron Fist" got the spotlight at a panel during San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, and we now know that the show's second season will drop to the streaming service on September 7.

"Iron Fist" is one of six of Marvel's Netflix shows that are loosely part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The others include "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," "The Defenders," and "The Punisher," of which the second season is currently filming.

Of all of them, though, "Iron Fist" has been the most chastized by critics. The show's first season, which premiered last year, has an 18% Rotten Tomatoes critic score, the lowest of any of the Netflix Marvel shows. But it has found an audience and is one of Netflix's most popular Marvel shows.

The show's release date was revealed in a short video where Danny Rand/Iron Fist (played by Finn Jones) declares that a "war is brewing" and that it's his duty to protect his city, as he takes on a group of thugs in an alley.
During the Comic-Con panel, Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb announced that actress Alice Eve will be playing the villain Typhoid Mary in the second season. In the comics, Typhoid Mary is a primarily an enemy of Daredevil, and has telekinetic powers.

But there could also be another villain in the second season. The show tweeted a clip on Tuesday that shows Iron Fist's symbol lit up in green light, but it turns red to reveal a different symbol: the symbol of the Steel Serphent, one of Iron Fist's main enemies in the comics. This is less surprising, given that the character already appeared in the first season as Davos, played by Sacha Dhawan.

Iron Fist has so far appeared in the first season of the show, "The Defenders" superhero team-up show, and most recently the second season of "Luke Cage." In the comics, Cage and Fist have a close friendship, and create the "Heroes for Hire," which is basically a company that offers investigative and protection services from those with super powers.

Watch the full Comic-Con trailer below:

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