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Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha gets Masters degree

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, celebrated another academic achievement as she bagged a Masters degree in Health care sciences.

The mother of twins, who is based abroad, shared pictures from the Segerstrom center of Arts where she got a Masters of Science in Health care sciences, rejoicing with her daughters after the graduation ceremony.

“When you hear that lonely voice telling you; you can’t play a drum, dig in and play that drum as if your life depended on it,” the 37 year old wrote about her achievement.

“This didn’t come easy for me. All odds were against me. Health was weak, less than four hours of sleep each night for 2 years.

“Work as a health consultant was brutal because it required daily reading and data analysis and processing. In between I have to be a mom (yes single parent) and as well manage my businesses. There were nights I considered quitting because the stress was enormous but my daughters kept telling me, mummy you can do it. There were days and nights I cried for comfort because health was weak.

Multiple trips to ER for blood transfusions, low hemoglobin of 2.1 due severe hemorrhage caused by fibroids. I was in the fight for my life. I saw me disappearing. Many thoughts I was looking for shape or dieting.  NO!! I was barely hanging onto life. I became a shadow of myself. I weighed less than required for my height. I contemplated leaving school and career because of poor health but my kids kept me going.

“Eventually had a major surgery (hysteroscopic myomectomy). I was mocked by friend, enemies for my weight loss, My grades suffered but I had the best lecturers who wondered why and kept pushing me to get back to my good grades. With time I became stronger. Things started falling into places post-surgery. I am thankful today for life and the grace given me. Not only did I graduate in Masters of Health Sciences, I came out with a flying GPA. Thank you lord for turning my pain to gain, tears into joy and despair into hope. I am eternally grateful to all who helped me through this journey and believed in me, my vision and aspirations.”
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