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Watch This Scary Video To Know How Driving Through A Raging Wildfire Looks Like

This incredible video shows the moment a father and son drive for their lives through a raging forest fire.

Justin Bilton and his dad Charlie, 70, were trapped while backpacking in Glacier National Park in Montana, US, after a lightning storm sparked a devastating fire on August 12.

It turned into the Howe Ridge Fire, which destroyed thousands of acres surrounding Lake McDonald.

That’s when this brave father and son duo decided to make a run for it in their rental car.

But they soon found themselves surrounded by flames, as Charlie is heard trying his best to calm his son who is behind the wheel.

‘I think we can drive through this,’ he tells his son.

‘Dad, what if the car blows up?’ Justin replies, fearing for his life.

Add captionWith this scene up ahead, the pair still decide to make a run for it (Picture: Storyful)

‘Then we’re dead. Just keep driving. Not too fast, we’ll be okay,’ Charlie says.

But the scene becomes more and more intensely orange as Justin keeps driving.

As embers from the burning trees start hitting the car, Justin shouts: ‘The car is heating up, it’s gonna explode.

‘Jesus. Please, God, help us.’

The car was soon surrounded by flames (Picture: Storyful)

The footage stops when they finally come across a burning tree blocking the road, and Justin decides they need to turn around.

He later revealed in a Facebook post that they had to reverse through the fire to get back down to the lake.

The pair abandoned their car when they found two park employees and a boat captain who rescued them.

‘We looked back and just saw the whole lakeshore where we had been maybe 10 to 15 minutes before just completely go up in flames,’ Justin told WHDH.

Justin Bilton and his father managed to escape after reversing down the fiery path (Picture: Justin Bilton)

‘I do think it was some kind of higher power looking out for us. It seems like it wasn’t our time to go.’

The rental car was later engulfed in flames.

Justin said he had driven down the same road earlier that day to enter the park.

But as it was the only road out, the pair thought they had no other choice but to drive back down it.

see video below;

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