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'Women are not safe, valued in Nigeria' - Lady who was slapped in traffic rants

A lawyer has narrated a horrific encounter she had with another road user.

@TheFit Lawyer said she was assaulted at link bridge by a driver who scratched her car.
She said he tried to deny that he scratched her and pinned the blame on her. He then got down and an argument ensued during which he slapped her. A fight then broke out and her nail was broken so bad that she was bleeding.

Police and other passersby, who were men, took sides with the man. However, she said a female road user captured the incident.

"Nigeria is doomed, women are not safe" - Lady narrates how man slapped her in traffic and police sided with him

When the man, who is a driver for the real owner of the car, was asked to swear that he was telling the truth, he said his religion doesn't allow him to swear.

When they eventually got to the station and every evidence was laid out, the DPO asked her if she wanted to press charges. It was at this point that the man began begging that he has a wife and kids.

Others joined him to beg and told her to forgive. This, she said, angered her because she was being made to feel guilty for seeking justice.

The young lady, who only recently returned to Nigeria, said the country is 'doomed' and has beaten her hard over and over again. She added that Nigeria is not safe and women are not valued because every organization is run by men.

Read her account of the road rage incident below.

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