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Man Cries Out "Since I Started Visiting Prostitutes" My Business Has Collapsed.

A man has cried out for help on how to remedy his life following a string of problems as a result of his sexual games.

Man Cries Out "Since I Started Visiting Prostitutes, My Business Has Collapsed".

A worried Nigerian man has cried out for help about his sexual problems which has made him visit prostitutes. He is seeking for help on how to overcome the issue.

He took to nairaland and wrote:


I started masturbating partially at the age of 19, I was a shy guy I don't have a girlfriend, everyone taught that I was a virgin. This masturbation became serious at the age of 24. I decided to quit Masturbation.

I said let me visit a prostitute, I paid her 3k, we started romancing each other, but I noticed that my dick did not erect. I was highly embarrassed, I thought because the lady was older than me, she was 33 yrs.

I visited 3 more prostitutes which are young girls in their twenties, it was the same thing, the dick did not erect at all.

Note: I normally have rock erection Even when a lady sit on my lap, early morning waking up I also use to have rock erection before I meet the first prostitute. From there I went back to masturbation again partially. At the age of 21 I made my first 1.5 million naira through business, but I noticed since I started visiting this prostitute my business collapse I could hardly boast of #200k in my account.

Around 2018 I decided to get a girlfriend, because all prostitute I meet my dick cannot rise to penetrate them. My first girlfriend was cute, I love her and she loves me. One certain day something led to something we got intimate, I romance her very well she was already screaming, she wanted me to put my dick inside but I noticed it was flaccid no erection at all. She noticed and got up and dress herself. After that day she started giving me attitude and that was how I broke up with her.

I got about 4 more girlfriend all of them broke up with me when the notice that my dick does not erect. After all this I felt like the whole world is gone, I finally got another girl friend. Anything that would lead to romance I normally tell her that as Christian we must not have sex until we are married. She would say that this is the first time she is dating a guy like me. That she loves me with all her heart. We have dated for one year now without sex, I promise her that we would have sex on our wedding night.

I am currently 27 yrs and I feel dejected. Does it mean that I may never have a child of mine own. I got tired of my situation I went into 3 days dry fasting praying to God to deliver me from sin and to restore my lost erection. ..

On the second day of the fast I was in a trance and I vommitted a lot of poison. I woke up and thanked God. After that fasting I don't normally have bad dreams of evil spirit pressing down my spirit. But I noticed that my erection have not yet been restored. Please I need help. I need God to restore my Glory. I would never use it for masturbation or fornication. Help me on what to do. I am in distress

Man Cries Out "Since I Started Visiting Prostitutes" My Business Has Collapsed. Reviewed by Ajiborode Anuoluwapo on May 13, 2020 Rating: 5

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